Emergency Services and Hospital Facilities in the Chicago area

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We have a full service emergency hospital with on-site diagnostics and surgical suite. The tests that we provide on-site include (but are not limited to) CBC, chemistry panels, electrolyte and gas profiles, activated clotting times, urinalysis, parasite and certain infectious disease tests, radiology, pulse oximetry, and electrocardiographs.

We provide medical care with the use of fluid and syringe pumps for controlled intravenous fluid and medication delivery. Incubators are available for warming patients and oxygen cages provide increased oxygen levels for patients in need. A warm room is available for birds, reptiles and amphibians who need higher temperature and humidity levels. Kennels are also in plain view for close observation.

A separate isolation ward is used for patients with highly contagious infectious diseases. Our highly trained and attentive technical team check patient's vital signs and conditions at regular intervals. Doctors and technical staff are on site at all times to provide care and monitor the status of your pet closely.

VeterinarianA fully equipped surgical suite is available for emergency surgical procedures. Very safe gas anesthetics are used in conjunction with ECG, pulse via doppler, respiratory monitors and temperature probes to help monitor your pet while under anesthesia. A surgical assistant provides continuous monitoring during and after surgery.

We work closely with your regular veterinarian to provide seamless care. Upon discharge of your pet, we fax a copy of your pet's medical record (including any test results) to your regular vet. We suggest you bring any pertinent information, including any medical history, records and medications to the emergency hospital (located just outside Chicago) to help us in treating your pet.